Motto for MHDF

Respect a person as he/she is.

Nonviolent communication.

Refreshing inner power.

The Mission and Vision of MHDF

Mental Health Dignity Foundation (MHDF) was created in 2012 and was legalized in 2016 to help traumatized people in Rwandan communities on a psychological, social and economic level.

The vision of MHDF is to gain mental well-being for everybody.  

The mission of MHDF is the contribution to the construction of inner peace for each person to facilitate social cohesion towards development.

These are the Objectives of MHDF

  • Normalize the symptoms of PTSD
  • Psychoeducation (PTSD & their comorbidities)
  • Prevention  and treatment of PTSD in group or individually, peace education (mediation)
  • Facilitate expression of all kind of emotions
  • Restoration and teaching the social  human values destroyed during the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994
  • Participation in personal development towards national development
  • Preparation of  people who can intervene in mental health in the community
  • Avoidance of stigmatising the victims of PTSD and advocacy for these people

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