"My name is B, I am 52 years old. Before becoming in  MHDF team member, my life was full of fear ,crying and despair. After using relaxation exercises learnt: breath work, finger holds practice… I am fine and I also work for  preventing mental disorders and I am able to help others."

All testimonials are anonymous for the sake of the clients, but we hope you can see the great work that is done in the lives of those who have sought assistance at MHDF.

"My name is C, I am 54 years old. Before coming in the team of MHDF, my life was characterized by anger and walking everywhere without talking to anyone. For now I am fine because MHDF taught me many relaxation exercises and I use them for treating my negative emotions and preventing mental disorders."

"My name is F, before coming in the Ruhashya team of MHDF, my life was only to run on the hills, crying and fighting. After attending 50 sessions of psychological intervention (using peace circles and relaxation exercises techniques), now the situation is good. I deal with the daily life after being treated."

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